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Dear Cristiano Ronaldo and Toni Kroos

Please get better cameras and film your ALS ice bucket challenges again…and it’s not like you can’t afford it smh

Sincerely, fans

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for more

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Gonzalo Higuain accepts the ice bucket challenge

"Ciao a tutti! Accetto la sfida di Mascherano e sfido a Dries Mertens, Federico Higuain e Xabi Alonso"

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Di Maria will not play against Atletico today. He will not even sit on the bench.

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"I’ve made him captain because of his attitude on the pitch and the training ground. Not so much outside the pitch, but I’ve told him that is important to me and he’s accepted his responsibility. I’ve liked very much how he has trained and performed so far and how he has behaved to his fellow players."

- Louis van Gaal

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Manchester United 14/15 - Squad Map
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Official: Fernando Pacheco promoted to first team | August 22, 2014 

"After arriving at the Real Madrid academy in 2006 and rising through the ranks of the Under-16s, Under-19s and Real Madrid C, Pacheco joined Castilla in the 2012-2013 season with the aim of establishing himself as one of Spain’s most promising goalkeepers. He has been added to the first-team squad for the 2014-2015 season."

Fernando has been assigned the #25 jersey.

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